In the modern landscape of storage facility management, customer reviews are more than just feedback; they’re a vital part of building trust and attracting new tenants. When Freedom Storage faced challenges in gathering and managing online reviews, they turned to StorageReach. This is their success story, summarized in a remarkable 225 reviews in just 2 and a half months and a 26% boost in Google My Business clicks.

The Challenge

Freedom Storage, like many in the industry, struggled with:

  • Lack of Online Reviews: Gathering enough online reviews to make an impact was a persistent challenge.
  • Difficulty in Engaging Tenants: Engaging tenants at key moments like move-ins and move-outs was complex without an automated system.

These challenges were not unique to Freedom Storage but represented a common struggle in the industry.

The Solution: StorageReach

Enter StorageReach, a platform designed to seamlessly integrate with top facility management software, enabling automated review generation and management. The features that made StorageReach an ideal solution for Freedom Storage included:

  • Customized Review Requests via text messages
  • Easy Integration with their Sitelink system.
  • Efficient Review Management and Engagement

Implementation and Results

Freedom Storage’s integration with StorageReach was a swift process, leading to immediate results:

  • Streamlined Review Generation: Over 225 reviews were generated in just over 2 months.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: An impressive 26% increase in Google My Business clicks.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: Enhanced relationships with tenants through timely engagement.

Like most organizations, we struggled with getting new Google reviews for our facilities. We have tools in our PMS, and the managers are supposed to ask during every interaction, but we all know how that goes sometimes. We met Kale and StorageReach.com and were intrigued by their program. Looking at the last four months: in April, our locations had 19 reviews; in May, we had 49; June had 59; and July was at 117. I truly believe we would not be having the success we are experiencing without StorageReach.com and their API integration into our PMS to solicit reviews from new and existing customers. Highly recommend!

– Jim Mooney
Vice President Operations
Freedom Storage Management


Freedom Storage’s success with StorageReach is more than just a case study; it’s a testament to the transformative power of smart technology in the storage industry. By targeting specific challenges and leveraging StorageReach’s unique features, Freedom Storage was able to revolutionize their review management.

Ready to achieve similar success? Contact us to find out how StorageReach can help your storage facility generate and manage reviews just as effectively.